Sasha Dae

Yoga Jinni and Sound Therapist, Teacher Trainer, Bodyworker, Musician, Model


Yoga is a medium for transformation of body, mind and spirit.

Committed to honouring the potential of each client by offering a style of instruction to meets the needs of every body.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner, whether you come to the mat to stretch or strengthen, whether you seek a challenging physical practice or an uplifting spiritual experience, Sasha’s teachings are tailored to support you realizing your full potential. Her mission is to guide you in building balance, strength and flexibility in both your yoga practice and your life.

Visit Nosarananda, for yoga retreats, yoga trainings, Stand Up Paddle Board, Detox, Restorative and Adventure vacation packages. Practice with Sasha Dae in Nosara, Costa Rica in Playa Pelada and Playa Guiones at variety of sweet locals close to the beach, immersed in the jungle, the sound of waves accentuating your yoga experience in Costa Rica.


  1. Myron Coyle says:

    Nice to see your website up Sasha! I have really enjoyed practicing with you, you are a great teacher.

    I hope to get back to Costa Rica soon and take one of your Yoga Trainings in the future.
    I encourage other people to check out this amazing yoga girl and keep up the good work Yoga Jinni!

  2. Greetings from California! thanks for you feedback and we are awaiting your submission. Letting you know that we really like what you are providing in Nosara and excited to do a feature. Namaste.

  3. Sam Foon says:

    hey Sashi, great site, was nice to see you in Nosara! you are so bendy, I hope one day I can touch the floor! pura vida

  4. James Kent says:

    Hi Sasha, thanks so much for your inspiration and wonderful teachings, you really helped me with cultivating awareness of my spine and how I carry myself, I look forward to more practice with you and will suggest you as ‘the’ teacher to anybody who is seeking to learn yoga and more about themselves… if you are in Nosara visiting is a must!

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