Sasha Dae

Musician, Yogini, Equestrian


Our yoga classes accommodate and cater to all ages and levels of ability.

Arkaya yoga was specifically designed to elegantly restore equilibrium to the entire system; physically, mentally and emotionally. This practice of yoga comes from the early Hindu Rishis’s or Seers, the Shamans of ancient India.

Not just doing yoga or exercising, these teachings provide you with tools, through a classical form of yoga, to harmonize and enhance modern living.

Working with the Panchamaya Koshas; the five sheaths of our being, our subtle body layers, and by utilizing a methodology of jathis, asana, kriyas, healing techniques mantras and bajans.

Some of the many benefits include :

  • Connection to inner wisdom, deepen the understanding and correspondence with your body and intuition
  • Reset and Reboot the communication pathways between the brain and nervous systems
  • Cross train for better athletic performance in running, swimming, surfing, golf and
  • Increase ability to maintain present moment awareness and mindfulness
  • Release of tension, anxiety and habitual patterning
  • Smooth and promote the flow of pranic energy throughout the body and the mindNot just doing yoga or merely exercising.This practice of yoga is a cornerstone to my foundation, it comes from the ancient Rishis’s or Seers.

    The line of Arkaya has been passed down through the family of my guru ~ Maitreyi :

    as she would ask,
    ” head ache, back ache, heart ache? “

    this Yoga Jinni’s sessions are specifically designed to delicately restore your equilibrium ~ physically, mentally and emotionally.
    Sasha provides you with the tools, through this classical form of yoga,  to harmonize and enhance modern living.

    Working with the subtle body layers, using a series of jathis, healing techniques, mantra and bajans.

    Classes are tailored to suit client needs, for all ages and levels of ability.
    Her youngest students being 3 years of age and the oldest of 87 years.

    Precise cuing, hands on adjustment, compression and traction, the focus is on safely guiding you through the physical postures, with much emphasis on alignment and the breath.
    Get your spine flexing, ease tension, heal yourself.

    Strengthen, lengthen, cultivate self awareness and acceptance from the ground up.

    Warrior III ~ Humble Warrior ~ Virabhadrasana III

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